Welcome to VOSD!!

Welcome to VOSD!!

Voluntary Organaization for Social Development (VOSD) is a national leading NGO, established in 1987 and has been working in 10962 villages of 818 Unions under 137 Upazillas of 35 ‘Districts in Bangladesh and has been implemented/implementing a total of 58 projects supported by 66 donors of different national, local, Embassies, Bilateral, foreign, international donors, UN donors, World Bank, Asia Development Bank, International Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, IDB, different Government departments.

Already 36 projects have been completed from 1987 to 2004 and still 22 projects are being carried out with the help of 9577 staffs & volunteers. VOSD has been covered 175,00,000 beneficiaries and organised 10,50,000 poor people into 54,670 groups.

VOSD has established three offices in Dhaka and one Training centre with lodging, 3 regional offices and 137 Upazilla offices (22 Upazillas are in SIDR affected areas). Each office has training centre with sufficient space, transportation facilities, equipments, materials, manpower and logistics. It has 5 clinics in with sufficient medical personnel.

It has developed revolving fund amounting Tk.72,50,70,000/- and group savings amounting Tk.4145,60,000/- which have been revolving among 10,50,000 organised beneficiaries for undertaking IGAs and VOSD’s yearly budget is app. Tk.150,40,30,000/- (yearly budget 150 million US Dollars including micro-credit 41 million US Dollars ).

VOSD has received the following National Awards for its successful implementation of different projects:

a)    National Best Award for Health and Nutrition Program Implementation.
b)    National Award for Health and Education program Implementation.
c)    National Award for Women’s Job Creation through Micro-credit.
d)    National Award for the contribution of Social Work.
e)    National Award for Relief & Rehabilitation program for the SIDR affected people.

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    Bank Name    :   Bangladesh Krishi Bank.

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