Environment Development and Social Forestation


Environment development has become a very important issue for present world, because, due to environmental pollution, total climate has changed, which has been affected the nature and creating different disasters, which have been seriously affecting on human lives, livestock, fisheries and nature. So, VOSD has been giving especial emphasies on environment development and climate change and also adoption. VOSD has especial program on environment development considering the above aspects. So, it has been implementing social afforestation, community plantation, homestead plantation, road side plantation, nursery development, homestead gardening, awareness raising, reducing chemical use, fertilizer use, developing composts, regenerative agriculture, reducing plastic use, regenerative agriculture, energy creation, sanitation, water management, etc. activities with the support of different above mentioned donors. So far it has planted 2550, 0000 saplings and developed 3350 nurseries in its operational areas.