Agriculture Development Program


Due to rapid growth of population, housing, improved communication, industrialization and urbanization, the total areas of forestry are decreasing day by day and destroying the natural resources, which has been contaminating total environment and creating different hazards, which has been making the human lives miserable and vulnerable, as different disasters are creating due to change of environment and climate. To reduce the environmental contamination and hazards, VOSD is implementing social afforestation programs in the rural, urban, town, SIDR affected areas, char and river erosion affected areas of the country since its inception, 1987. Social afforestation is one of the most important programs of VOSD. The activities of social afforestation have increased in 2010 to save the coastal and disaster prone area of the country. VOSD has been extensively and intensively implementing the social afforestation program in all its operational areas. To spread out the social afforestation program, VOSD has developed the following main components.

The staffs of the organization motivate and educate people about the beneficial sides of the trees and plants. They also encourage them to form group members and community people to produce and plant trees in their homestead lands and adjacent to their house and road side. They also motivate and aware them not to cut down the trees as and when, because they are the natural barrier to the environmental degradations and also the usefulness of the trees and gardening. For the improvement of the country and betterment of the local people, VOSD has formed 19,397 village development groups with 471,230 beneficiaries. VOSD has developed 13,044 nurseries and 3,007 village nurseries by the group members, from where 2,600,500 saplings are produced and supplied to community people with the production cost. So far, VOSD has provided and planted 99,28,720 saplings of fruits, medicine and wooden trees among 21,11,297 beneficiaries and community people.

To protect the environmental degradation from natural disasters, VOSD prioritize the environmental issues with care and protect them since its inception. VOSD has been working with the objective of the organization, to concretize people on environment development and develop environmental condition of the operational areas. For the establishment of the objectives of VOSD and to save the environment from natural calamities, VOSD distributes fruits, medicines and wooden trees saplings to the local community people in its operational areas. The organization has distributed 15 saplings for each family and developed one nursery for each village, support staffs, community village development groups, village motivation groups and active village committee. Medicine and fruits saplings are distributed to plant in the homestead gardens of the operational areas. Fruits, medicines and wooden saplings are also distributed to schools, madrasas, colleges, local village development institutions and orphanages.