Emergency Rehabilitation Project-ICCO/KIA-Netherlands


To support the SIDR affected people, VOSD has undertaken the “Emergency Rehabilitation Project for Cyclone SIDR-2007 affected People in Kathalia and Uzirpur Upazilas of Jhalakathi and Barisal Districts” with the support of ICCO/KIA-Netherlands. The project activities have been implemented in twelve (12) Unions (5) Unions of Kathalia Upazila of Jhalakathi and 7 Unions of Uzirpur Upazila of Barisal District. The goal of this project is to reduce the long-term negative humanitarian impact of the cyclone SIDR and to assist households in rebuilding their livelihoods. The intervention has directly assisted cyclone-SIDR affected areas, 3,000 families to meet immediate basic needs, and rehabilitation after the SIDR, who are: a) Families from very poor, b) Families with deaths during cyclone, c) Families with children under 10 years, d) Displaced poor families, e) Disabled people, f) Women headed families, g) Old men headed families etc. Formation of Committee and purchase of rehabilitation materials: To run the project smoothly and effectively, Project Implementation Committee (PIC), Upazila Disaster Management Committee (UzDMC), Union Disaster Management Committee (UnDMC) was formed. VOSD’s authority with the coordination of the UzDMCs, UDMCs, local administrations, government officials, and local elite and other senior Officers were present during rehabilitation activities which includes purchase and distribution of rehabilitation materials in Uzirpur and Kathalia Upazilas.

Project Participants Selection VOSD had listed all the severely SIDR affected people with the help of staff members, committee members and volunteers according to set criteria. The criteria were: widows, divorce, pregnant & lactating mother, old aged, landless, women headed family, disables.

Rehabilitation Materials and Soft Credit Distribution

Rehabilitation materials and soft credit were distributed among the selected beneficiaries of 14 Unions with the presence of the organizational staffs, local UP personnel, Government Officials, UzDMC personnel, UnDMC personnel, local elite and senior staff members in different days. The selected beneficiaries were given a card, mentioning date, time, place, name, village, union etc. and invited to attend in the distribution places. On due date and time, the selected beneficiaries were present and rehabilitation materials and soft loan were distributed in presence of the ED of VOSD, Upazila level Officials, UP Chairmen, UDMC members, etc. The local administrative personnel were also involved during rehabilitation materials and soft loan distribution. Each day, rehabilitation materials and soft loan distribution was started with an inauguration meeting and discussion by the present members.

a)      Seeds/Seedlings Support for Homestead Gardening for 2000 Families.

b)      Fruit Tree Plantation Supports for 3000 Families.

c)       Job Creation through Income Generation Activities Supports for 18217    Families.

Latrine Installation Support

a)   Slab Support (one for each family) for 2700 Families.

b)   Deep Tube Well Installation-70.