Jibon-O-Jibika (JOJ)-WatSan Program


In the rural areas of Bangladesh, generally the people do not use pure drinking water and water sealed latrines due to lack of knowledge and awareness. As a result, different water-borne diseases are very common and spread out in the program areas that destroy valuable lives every year. Considering the importance, VOSD has been implementing pure drinking water supply and sanitation program in the Tozumuddin area with the co-operation of NGO Forum and Save the Children-USA. The main activities are to motivate, educate and encourage practices and also to change their present attitudes and habits, install tube wells, install water sealed latrines and to develop Village Sanitation Centers (VSC). VOSD arranges different documentary film shows on water and sanitation and observe different related days to change the people’s mind and to create mass awareness among the people on use of pure drinking water and water sealed latrines to prevent water borne diseases for their secured lives. The staffs of VOSD educate and motivate the people through promotional activities, such as (group meetings, house to house visits, and personal contacts and arranging gatherings, training, school WatSan program, religious leaders’ orientation, mosque-based Discussion, popular theater and folk-song, Rally, miking and film-show ,courtyard meeting, community meeting and child to child approach. VOSD has developed one VS Centre, where rings and slabs are produced and supplied to the beneficiaries as well as the community people.