Working Children Education Program


Bangladesh is a developing country and most of the people are living in rural and urban areas under severe poverty. So, they are involving their children in hazardous works as they cannot fulfill the demand of the family with their incomes, whereas these children should go to school for education at this stage. These children are deprived of their rights due to their parents’ high poverty and they are remaining illiterate and the country has been getting an illiterate and unconscious nation, who will be the future citizens. So, the progress of the country has been retarding, which has been increasing poverty among the rural and urban people. Since inception, VOSD has been trying to improve child’s rights through different program implementation. VOSD has been implementing different development programs for the working children in Barisal city with the objective to educate the working children, making professionally skilled, create soft employment opportunities and improve their living conditions through providing basic education, vocational training (sewing & embroidery, Packaging, mason & plumbing) and risk-less self-employment. VOSD is implementing this program with the support of ILO and Ministry of Employment and Child Affairs. VOSD has established 10 education centers to provide basic education and skills training on sewing, embroidery, masonry, electrical works, plumbing & Packaging, etc. for 1,551 children in four years. Each center contains 30 children, and 2 teachers/trainers are involved to educate and train up the children and 1 (one) teacher for 30 children. To aware the local people VOSD arranges seminars, campaigns, rallies, workshops, observation of international days and distribution of BCC materials about the child rights and education awareness.