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This is my pleasure to publish the Annual Report of VOSD for the year-2014. This Annual Report will reflect the progresses of different project activities, which have been conducted during the whole year. During the year, we had to face lot of limitations to cover the expanded programs or meeting up the local and people’s demand. However, we have overcome most of the limitations & problems with the sincere efforts of the dedicated staff members and the Executive Committee Members. The main events were the evaluations of the donors, which were successfully faced. The development march has been increasing gradually with the demand of the local people. Already it has extended it development initiatives in 137 Upazillas of 35 Districts covering more than 25000,000 population. Sincere co-operation and supports have been found from all concerns regarding the expanded programs.


VOSD pays its heartiest regards and gratefulness to all concerns for their benevolent supports morally and financially. The process of development is a length one. So, VOSD could not change the situations of the operational areas within short time. But it is our proud that VOSD has changed the attitudes of the people and created a mass awareness among the people of the peritoneal areas. People are now sufficiently encouraged and eager to participate in development activities, which was difficult at the beginning. VOSD started its journey in 1987 to work with the people, who are poor, neglected, deprived, under served, oppressed and who can not fulfill daily basic needs for their socio-economic upliftment. When VOSD started its activities, the staff, volunteers, and Executive Committee members were new in the development field and had less idea and experiences on development activities but they had string commitment, voluntary mentality and dedication, which gradually have been marched the organization VOSD to this position. Now most of the Executive Committee members, Staff members and Volunteers are well aware, skilled, and experienced on development when the development partners are also well aware, skilled and experienced on different development issues. VOSD is a National NGO and its coverage of the areas, population and program-dimensions has been increasing day by day. The achievements, in the field of rural development are reasonable and praise worthy at present. A good numbers of concerned development partners have been benefited/ benefiting out of the implementation of VOSD’s different interventions. Hope VOSD will keep up the present march and speed of the organization. All the credits go to the dedicated and committed staffs, volunteers, Executive Committee members and other local concerned departments. We are also highly grateful and thankful to the donors, who provided us financial supports to carry out our development programs for the poor and vulnerable people. We hope, if all sorts of co-operation and supports become available, VOSD could be able to reach its goal.


Executive Director.