Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Program


VOSD has been working mainly for the very poor and vulnerable women, children and disables of the rural areas to improve their lives. They are so much poor that they are living in miseries and painful conditions. Even they are the victims of exploitation, deprivation, dominations, superstitions, social barriers etc. due to high poverty and have become the victim of trafficking, violence, torturing, etc. VOSD has been implementing VGD programs for the vulnerable women groups in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Poverty is the main problem of our country. It is hard to get two meals a day for most of the ultra-poor families of our country. The government of Bangladesh has put forward several projects for the improvement of the ultra-poor families ensuring their food securities and socio-economic improvement. Under the Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) programs the ultra-poor and distressed women will be served food aids for the food security and also encourage them in saving for the improvement of their socio-economic conditions.

VOSD has been implementing VGD-NNP programs at 260 Unions of 32 Upazilas with the help of Ministry of Women Affairs. A total of 35,393 VGD card holders are under this program who are directly benefited by this program. Under this program the vulnerable groups will get food security and also increase their family’s knowledge on social awareness, training on IGAs, etc. They are also trained on vegetable gardening, poultry rearing, livestock rearing, fish culture and SME businesses, etc. VOSD has also been implementing VGD program supported by Ministry of Women Affairs and has been providing different kinds of training to 7850 VGD women in Nalchity, Rajapur ,Kathalia, Muladi Upazillas and Barisal Sadar and after training VOSD has been providing credit supports for undertaking small income generating activities, which will create employment and income earning opportunities for them and they shall have not depend on others.