Legal Aid Supports


Legal Aid Supports The rural people are not conscious at all about their legal rights, legal laws etc. So, they become victims and cheated by the local Matabbers (Village leaders) and touts being misguided. Moreover they are not united to realize their legal rights. VOSD has been implementing Legal Aid Education program among the rural and urban people and also for the Street Children with the supported by BSAF, UNDP, UNICEF, DSS, & ICCO-Netherlands to increase their knowledge on legal education, legal rights and legal laws and also organizing them to create joint efforts for realizing their legal rights through joint actions. It has also been providing education on legal rights and laws to the children through education centers. For this purpose, VOSD has been educating the targeted people on legal education, arrange workshops and rallies on legal rights, women’s rights, arrange mediation meetings with the confiscators and also provide legal supports to the poor victims in severe cases

Education Program


VOSD feels education is the main important factor for all development activities. So, education gets top priority in every case of development affairs and VOSD started these activities since its inception in 1987. VOSD educates the targeted people in different ways to raise their level of understanding before starting any project activities and to eradicate illiteracy. VOSD has been working to establish pre-primary education programs in Dhaka, Barisal, Jhalakathi, Barguna, Faridpur, Chandpur, Laxmipur, Munshiganj, Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Sherpur, Bhola, Patuakhali, Pirojpur, Madaripur, Shariatpur, Tangail and some other districts of Bangladesh. VOSD established 435 pre-primary education centers, which support 35,500 children (students) and 188 teachers. So far, 31,350 children have been made literate and school going. This education program has been supported by the DNFPE/Ministry of Education for adult education and BRAC. Participation in receiving pre-primary education increased day by day because of awareness raised for education. The percentage of the children (students): male 35% and female 65%. Programs have been taken to provide pre-primary education both for boys and girls, and also to ensure their 100% attendance at the education centers.

Education on Democracy and Citizen Rights Program-FEMA


VOSD follows democracy at all levels to plan, implement and monitor its all projects   and   also   it   has   been   spreading   democratic   values   among   its beneficiaries. VOSD had been educating the community people on democracy, human rights, women’s rights, child’s rights, fundamental rights, basic rights and citizen rights education with the support of FEMA, KF and other related agencies and also other donors. So far, 385,250 community people have been provided education and motivation. A total of 320 staffs were given a 3-5 day training on democracy, human  rights, women’s rights, child’s rights, fundamental rights, basic rights and citizen’ rights education. These staffs are educate the group members and the community people through group meetings, arranging gatherings, workshops, seminars and other occasions, because, these activities have integrated and marched with the normal program of the organization and introduced with the curriculum of the group discussions and other discussions.