School and Collage Support Program


Education is greatly required for all levels of developmental activities of the country. To educate the rural and urban poor people, VOSD has established a high school in 2002, which is named “Jogirkanda A.K.M. Mostafizur Rahman High School” to provide education facilities to the poor people and improve the educational status at Gogirkanda village of Uzirpur Upazila under Barisal district, where there is no high education facility. The poor children of surrounding villages get the light of education from this school. It is a tin shed building where education up to Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) is provided and it has been approved by the Government of Bangladesh. About 480 students have been studying in this school increasing and the educational status of the area also increased.

Hazi M. A. Rashid High School was established in 1988 and approved by the Govt. of Bangladesh. It is a three storied building and have 523 students in the present enrollment. The number of students has been increasing day by day. The people of the area have become more conscious and aware to receive higher education. About 80-85% students have passed every year in the S.S.C examination. Meritorious and poor students get scholarships and full free education opportunities. The students are provided books, exercise books, pens and other educational materials free to encourage and improve the educational mentality of the people of the areas because education is the backbone of a nation, but still the people are not encouraged for their children’s education due to poverty and unconsciousness. Without education no nation can change their society, social and economic conditions and improve them nationally and internationally. 18 experienced teachers are involved with the school to provide education, among them 8 are male and 10 are female. The school includes Class-VI to Class-X.