Low Cost Housing


VOSD has been implementing low cost housing program with the support of Bangladesh Bank and according to design of Bangladesh Bank. Already 3,250 low cost houses have been built for 186 poor and vulnerable women beneficiaries. The houses have been given on long-term loan basis and the participants are returning their loan installments regularly.In response to SIDR, flood and other natural calamities, VOSD always supports the affected people by giving technical support and help to construct low cost housing support. After the attack of cyclone SIDR in the coastal area of Bangladesh  several  districts  (e.g. Barguna,  Barisal,  Patuakhali,  Khulna,  Bhola, Jhalakathi, Chandpur, Laxmipur, etc.) was destroyed and human habitation becomes vanished with its devastating power. VOSD tried its best to construct 3,250  low  cost  housing  supports  and  work  for  the  improvement  of  their livelihood  of  SIDR  affected  people.  Also  VOSD  helps  to  the  SIRD  and  flood affected people to construct and upraise the farm house lands to reduce flood floating of the farm land.



Rehabilitation and Resettlement Programs


Since its inception in 1987, VOSD has been working on rehabilitation and resettlements of different disaster- affected people, displaced people, and have less people in different times with the support of different donors and local contributions, because, Bangladesh is disaster vulnerable country and every year different disasters destroy the human resources, livestock resources, fisheries resources, houses, natural resources, water resources and lands eroded, which make the lives of the people tragic, miseries and painful. Especially VOSD has been working in disaster prone areas, which are chars, coastal belts, haors, water logged and low-lying areas. In those areas different disasters are very common. So far it has been worked for rehabilitation amounting approximately Tk.135,00,00,000/- and those are: