Family Welfare Services


The operational areas of the organization are too much populous and about 1,050 people live in per square mile. The birth rate is also high in the areas than other areas due to climatic favorable conditions and unawareness about planned families. So, the problems of the poor people are increasing day by day in the rural areas due to high population growth. The government has been trying best to develop planned families in the rural areas through controlling population growth. But due to shortage of manpower, it becomes difficult. Side by side many NGOs are working to educate the people to develop planned families to reduce problems. VOSD has been emphasizing family welfare education among the group members and also among the community people to reduce population growth rate and to make planned families considering their family economic conditions. All the staffs are specially trained on family welfare education and services, because, it is the most important problem of the society. The staff members motivate, educate and encourage the group members to practice planned families and the group-leaders are also motivated and educate the community people for planned families to solve their problems. They encourage them to adopt different methods for planned families like vasectomy, IUD, legation, Copper-T, different contraceptives, condom use etc. The staff refers the acceptors to the Upazila Health Complex for legation, Vasectomy, Copper-T etc. The organization collects contraceptives from the Upazila Health Complex and ensures supplies to the acceptors at their door steps. So far, 35,260 group members and community members have been covered, who are practicing family planning methods. Apart from this, VOSD staffs are also specially trained on natural family planning. They regularly motivate, educate and encourage following natural family planning and scientific family planning for their planned and happy families through group meetings, personal contacts, house to house visits and also through arranging gatherings.