To achieve organization’s goal and vision, the following objectives have been set:

a)      To conscientize, organize into small groups and make capable the targeted poor people,

b)      To provide education to the children, adolescents & illiterate adults to increase literacy rate,

c)      To build group/self-capital for undertaking small economic and productive activities,

d)      To create employment & income earning opportunities for the targeted poor people,

e)      To empower, develop ownership, make self-dependent and establish poor women in the               society.

f)       To promote human rights, social justice, good governance, peace and harmony in the                  society.

g)      To promote gender relation and equity to reduce gender discriminations among the people,

h)      To prevent climate change through environment development activities,

i)       To develop capable, knowledge-able and technically sound future citizens,

j)       To prevent trafficking, violence against women and social diseases like polygamy,                         divorce torturing etc and to reduce drug addiction and anti-social activities,

k)      To integrate targeted people in the main stream of national development activities,

l)       To involve targeted women into economic and productive activities for self-sufficiency,

m)     To introduce intensive agriculture development activities, introduce modern techniques &              HYVs,

n)      To undertake intensive social afforestation, homestead gardening and environment                      development,

o)      To promote nutrition status by introducing nutrition and endangered spices gardening,

p)      To conduct disaster preparedness, management and adaptation activities etc.

q)      To alleviate poverty among the targeted people through different development processes,

r)       To undertake income & employment generation activities for poor people,

s)      To introduce modern and improved scientific technologies for different purposes,

t)       To improve fisheries and livestock including local available resources in the operational                  areas,

u)      To ensure social justice and harmony in the society,

v)      To improve rural health, water sanitation status and prevent HIV/AIDS and pandemic                   epidemics

w)     To innovate & introduce new development technologies & transfer among the organized               people.



Main Objectives


a)      Conscientization, Group Formation, and Saving Accumulation.

b)      Capacity Building Training, Seminars, Workshop, etc.

c)      Non-formal Primary Education, Adolescent & Adult Education and Development Program.

d)      Professional Skill & Human Resources Development Program.

e)      Micro-credit for Job Creations and Income Generating Activities (IGA).

f)      Primary Health, Family Planning, Mother & MCH.

g)      Nutrition Promotion Program.

h)      Water and Sanitation Program.

i)       Agriculture, fisheries and livestock Development Program.

j)       Environment Developmental Program.

k)      Garments Workers Intervention Program.

l)       Supplying Tube-wells for Safe Drinking Water and Low Cost Sanitary Latrine.

m)     Social Forestry, Nursery, Tree Plantation, Homestead Gardening.

n)      Legal Education, Good Governess and Human Rights Program.

o)      Movement for Women’s Liberation, Empowerment and Development.

p)      Arsenic Screening, Training and Mitigation Project.

q)      Street and Working Children education and HTR Graduates Livelihood Training Program.

r)      HIV/AIDS and Epidemic Awareness Raising and Prevention Program.

s)      Research and Development Program.

t)      Climate change, preparedness, risk management, emergency relief & rehabilitation program.

u)     Biodiversity Conservation and Management.

v)     Dissemination of Union Development Coordination Committee (UDCC) project.