HIV/AIDS Prevention Program


In rural areas of Bangladesh, generally the people are not aware about the life killing diseases of HIV/AIDS/STD due to ignorance and illiteracy, which have become very alarming in the country at the present era, because, the neighboring countries like India, Nepal and Myanmar are highly affected by HIV, which has been spreading in surrounding country, as mass people are communicating with those countries for different purposes. So, Bangladesh is now in a vulnerable condition and alarming situation, as it is interlinked with those countries. Already the government and other institutions have taken different steps for preventing HIV/AIDS. So, VOSD has been educating the rural and urban people and creating mass awareness against HIV/AIDS. It has been introduced the HIV/AIDS education and awareness raising in each project and activities and has developed many staffs and group cadres for this program, who have been raising awareness and realization among the mass people to take preventive measures. Already VOSD’s staffs have been made aware of the project area people, like women, men, adolescents, children etc. and also the transport workers, sex workers, youth generation etc. The staffs of VOSD educate and motivate the people through group meetings, house to house visits, and personal contacts and arranging gatherings. VOSD has developed different kinds BCC/IEC materials and displayed those in different important places.