Distribution and Plantation of Fruits, Medicine and Timber Trees Sapling


To project the environmental degradation from natural disasters, VOSD prioritize the environmental issues with care and protect them since its inception. VOSD has been working with the objective of the organization, to concretize people on environment vdevelopment and develop environmental condition of the operational areas. For the establishment of the objectives of VOSD and hto save the environment from natural calamities, VOSD distributes fruits, medicines and wooden trees salings to the local community people in its operational areas. The organization has distributed 15 saplings for each family and developed one nursery for each village, support staffs, community village development groups, village motivation group and active village committee. Medicine and fruits saplllings are distributed to plant in the homestead gardens of the opperational areas. Fruits, medicines and wooden sapling are also distributed to school, madrasas, colleges, local village development nstitutions and orphanages.