Health Services


Health is wealth for the poor people and health is the only capital of the poor people. So VOSD has been emphasizing on health development of the poor people, because, they have to live on selling physical power i.e. labour. To develop health of the community people in the operation area, VOSD has been implementing primary health activities, curative health services, MCH services, satellite clinical services, clinical services, supply medicines, conduct referral cases, nutrition and family welfare motivation, education and awareness activities intensively through house steps, community steps and group wise. The staff members and group leaders of the organization educate and motivate the group members and community members through group meetings, personnel contact, and house visits. During discussion on health topics, they use flip charts, posters, documentary film shows, folk media, etc. for easy understanding of the group members. Different seminars, rallies, campaigns, discussions and workshops are arranged to create mass community awareness on health development. It has also been arranging folksongs, popular theatres, street drams, slide shows etc. on health and other issues for creating mass awareness among the community people, which can help them to practice their learning and knowledge and improve community health status.