Membership of different Network and Forums

VOSD has been working with the association and collaboration of different National and International coordinating NGOs, Forums and Networks. VOSD is the active member of the following coordinating NGOs, Network and Forums:

1. Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB)

2. Voluntary Health Service Society (VHSS)

3. NGO Forum for Public Health

4. Gender Development Forum (GDF)

5. International Center for Diarrhea Disease Research in Bangladesh (ICDDR-B)

6. Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF)

7. Khan Foundation

8. Credit and Development Forum (CDF)

9. Bangladesh Fund Raising Group (BFRG)

10. Forum for Regenerative Agriculture Movement (FORAM)


12. Bangladesh Fisheries Development Forum (BFDF)

13. Coastal Resource Centre (CRC)

14. Coastal NGO Networks (CNN)

15. Bangladesh AIDS Forum

16. Southern NGO Network (SNN)

17. International Credit Summit (ICS)

18. Association for Disability Development (ADD)

19. Asian Partnership for Human Development (APHD) Supported Women Development local and regional forms and

20. Member in working Upazila, District and Division Committees